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good morning. i'm tamron hall. president obama will land in washington to respond to the botched attack of a u.s. airliner as u.s. and british embassies in yemen remain closed for a second day. and airports across the globe, those traveling to the u.s. are facing heightened security and that now means patdowns and full body scans for anyone traveling from or through countries considered high risk. but closer to home a security welcome back. we're following breaking news out of las vegas, nevada, where
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breach is raising more questions about our nation's airport security. this happening at newark airport. this time an entire terminal is shut down. thousands of passengers forced to be rescreened and, get this, the unidentified man who set it off, well, that person is still missing. plus, an arctic blast puts a deep freeze on most of the nation as temperatures plunge to record lows from florida to the great plains. and developing right now the world's tallest building is officially open for business. deputy u.s. marshal is saying at least two federal marshals have been shot and a gunman captured after a gunfight broke out in the lobby of a federal courthouse. that is in downtown las vegas. the chief deputy there saying that she did not have immediate information about the condition of the marshal but says the authorities had a shooter in custody. this is apparently a shotgun was used during this confrontation said to have happened at the federal courthouse in downtown we're bringing you live pictures from dubai where the grand inauguration is under way. and we have a lot of great shots including all the people there but we do have actual shots of the building as well. it's pretty cool there. president obama wants the directors of every u.s. intelligence and security agency at the white house tomorrow for a major briefing. the anti-terror focus is now yemen. highlighted by general david petraeus' unofficial arrival. las vegas, nevada. i believe this is the building we are looking at here. you see the flag out in front and a little bit of activity but two federal agents shot in las vegas, nevada, after some type of confrontation with a man. that shooter is in custody after this gunfight broke out in the lobby of the courthouse. no reports of any other injuries in the courthouse at this time but, again, this is happening in las vegas, nevada. a shoot-out of some sort. you see the yellow tape around that federal building and i'm
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possible targets are closed as part of a new al qaeda threat. and right now there's no official talk of sending u.s. troops to yemen but it is a question floated out there. washington is doubling aid to the yemeni government and co-funding a counterterrorism police unit in the yemeni capital along with the uk. nbc news white house correspondent savannah guthrie is standing by. we're waiting for the president to land in washington, d.c., but give us a preview of this meeting on tuesday. it was much talked about as you know on the sunday morning presuming that is the building we're looking at with the yellow tape around it. not a lot of activity in the front there. if this happened in the lobby as the reports have indicated this would be in the front of the building we're looking at. you see one -- looks like one official standing in front of the building and i believe that was video of also someone there on the ground. we have gone from tape there but let's go back to what we see here is tape. these are live pictures right now of the building, the front programs. what can we expect out of this meeting? >> reporter: well, this is going to be a very obama-like meeting where he calls to account all of the agency heads, everybody who has a piece of this, into the situation room and he will start this review going line by line through what happened, how things were missed. frankly, it seems to be an occasion where the dots weren't connected, the information was out there. it was readily available but never put together in a relevant way that would have made it easier to detect this plot and that's what the president wants entrance or the front entryway of the federal courthouse. you see the gentleman in the tree -- behind the tree, rather, standing there and near him it appeared to be someone lying on the ground. i'm not exactly sure and i don't want to speculate from this vantage point. it is difficult to see but the person who got into the shoot-out with the federal authorities was said to be apprehended. we don't know if that means the person was killed at the scene or taken into custody.
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to get to the bottom of. he has said he will hold those accountable who are responsible for this. i don't think it's something we'll see come out of the meeting tomorrow but, look, the president's been gone from washington for more than ten days now. this is his first opportunity to come back and show he's really at work here and focus on this issue to say nothing of all the other issues already on his plate, namely the economy and health care, tamron. >> we know this has become a politicized situation. if heads will roll, whose head will roll? you know there have been many republicans calling for some the only wording that i have right now is that individual was, quote, apprehended after getting into a gunfight with two deputy u.s. marshals in las vegas, nevada. a shotgun was involved in this and authorities are simply saying the shooter is in custody and we're looking at, again, some of the video. not sure if they have the streets around there blocked off but there are a number of patrol cars on both sides of the street. you see a vehicle there now approaching. this is a helicopter shot i'm assuming from our affiliate there so they are circling action against secretary napolitano. how is the white house balancing this? the reality of the terror threat but also the reality of how the game is played in washington. >> reporter: well, look, anytime something like this happens there is often a race to score political points on both sides and certainly this has been no exception to that. it's my understanding here and just basically on what the president has said that there's some support for secretary napolitano. it does not seem that she is in the cross hairs, as it were in around and so our view of the federal courthouse will be blocked as they move around so we might want to go to some tape. we also have a wide shot there. it looks like the perimeter around that entire block, a number of patrol cars. this is back to tape. again, we are getting word in of some type of con trontation, a gunfight between federal u.s. marshals and a gunman at the federal courthouse. this happening in the lobby. no word yet on if any other individuals were injured in
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terms of being held accountable or being blamed for this. it seems more, as i said, this is a situation where the dots weren't connected. that would implicate the national terrorism center. the state department has a piece of this in the sense it has issued a visa so they'll have to answer some questions as well. so i think what the president will try to do is keep the temperature down in terms of people calling for heads to roll, that kind of thing, but he wants to show that the government is acting confidently as well. >> savannah guthrie live at the this, if any people were there. i imagine the courthouse would be open today, back to business after the hall day but we continue to keep an eye on this developing story out of las vegas, nevada, and bring you more details on it as soon as we get it in here at msnbc. and it's a new year in some of the nation's banks are looking to get cash in and consumers, customers, to start paying for more. new fees and penalty charges that you could be looking at and when it comes to credit cards, banks are sliding in the new white house. thank you. and here is the latest object that failed bomb plot. over the weekend president obama directly linked al qaeda to umar farouk abdulmutallab who now has an attorney. over the weekend the chief public defender in new york was appointed to the case. in 1995 she defended the brother of the oklahoma city bombing. and as far as tighter security at midnight last night a new directive from the tsa orders patdowns and full body scans for air travelers in 14 foreign fees before the government's credit card reform kicks in in february. lisa myers, investigate correspondent joins us. lisa, we've been hearing this would happen. we know they were trying to get in there before the deadline but it is stinging when you think about some of those fees out there. >> it is, tamron. they're looking to raise fees on most anything and everything. the analysts say the new rules that will kick in this year on credit card and overdraft
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countries. for more on that let's go to nbc news justice correspondent pete williams who joins us from washington. pete you have a lot of people wondering why this step wasn't taken prior to that failed attack. what's the latest on how they plan to handle this? >> reporter: well, it was supposed to go into effect at midnight. so far many airports around the world are slow to comply with the new rules. i suppose that's to be expected. some jumped on them quickly. some say they're still studying them. the idea here is anyone who is practices are going to cost the banks as much as $50 billion. and they're going to be look in to get that money from some other way. now on credit cards watch for new annual fees, inactivity charges if you don't use your card and perhaps even a fee if you want a paper copy of your bill instead of an electronic one. and those rewards programs that many cards promote also are going to become even less valuable. on your bank account, you may see higher monthly maintenance fees, higher atm charges, and from or who is traveling through about a dozen countries that are considered high risk must go through secondary screening. they will have to have pat downs or the full body images here, their carry-on and checked baggage will be physically inspected. now in addition to them, a larger number of passengers chosen at random including americans coming back home again will also be chosen for secondary screening and they will also have to be patted down higher charges with most other banks and services. the key here, tamron, is to read everything you get from your bank very, very closely. even if it looks like junk mail and be sure to shop around. the biggest fee increases are likely to be levied by the big banks. bank of america, citi, chase, some of the smaller regional banks plan to differentiate themselves by not hitting you with a lot of fees. they're hoping to win your business by being more consumer friendly. >> all right, lisa.
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or go through the screeners and have their baggage checked randomly, physically inspected. the die idea is to increase the security. chuck schumer is now saying there are gaping holes in overseas airport security. he wants airlines to threaten to stop flying into airports with known security issues. >> the terrorists are smart. well, people better be on the lookout for this. i know some of this reform and people open up their credit card statements to some surprises. lisa myers, thank you very much. >> thank you. we'll go back to that breaking news story in las vegas, nevada. this this is tape of the scene where a shooting took place at a federal courthouse in downtown las vegas. a gunman has been apprehended. we don't know any more details, according to the chief deputy they know where security is good. they know where security is lax. and of course they seek the weakest link. >> governor schumer wants the state department to review all travel visas for anyone added to the terrorist database. a scare overnight at newark liberty airport shuts down an entire terminal delaying thousands there. nbc news correspondent ron allen joins us now. so, ron, newark obviously a scary situation there. there. she did not have any immediate information on the condition of the marshals but says the shooter is in custody and at least two federal marshals were shot in some sort of a gunfight that happened in the lob bey of the federal courthouse. we're keeping an eye on this and hope to get more information on those federal marshals as well as the suspect who is said to be in custody. in just 45 minutes a week at a weight watchers meeting
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are things back to normal? how did this happen in the first place? >> reporter: that's the big question, how did this happen in the first place, tamron. things are back to normal for the most part. we were just checking the boards. there are some cancellations and delays but minor compared to what happened last night. terminal "c" was essentially shut down for six hours. what apparently happened a man arrived here and he walked through the exit area that you can get the life skills that put you in charge of your world and hungry and the online tools to help you face any situation. which means 'darn right you can go to the dinner party' and still loose weight. and learn how to keep it off. join for free now. sorry hungry, you're not invited. but you are, join for free today and change your life. weight watchers. stop dieting. start living. people come through coming off the plane. we understand that there was a tsa agent stationed at that point. where that person was, why he didn't see the man go by there is the big question being investigated now. once the breach happened, they shut the area down, they searched it. they pulled everybody who had passed security, even people sitting on planes, out, back to the public area, the check-in area. that's thousands of passengers. they waited there for hours and but my doctor told me that most calcium supplements... aren't absorbed properly unless taken with food. he recommended citracal. it's different -- it's calcium citrate, so it can be absorbed with or without food. citracal. announcer: you could buy 300 bottles of water. or just one brita filter. ( drop plinks ) brita-- better for the environment and your wallet.
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rescreened the passengers. here is what some had to say about the experience. >> i thought we weren't going to be able to get out today because i heard -- i had a friend that flew yesterday and they were flying to l.a. they had huge trouble getting through security but got their layover in arizona they found out that terminal "c" here was on lockdown because someone made it through security without going through security. so i made sure to get up early today. >> reporter: so a lot of aggravation, a lot of drama last night. it seems to be calming down now. some delays, some cancellations and the big question, how could someone walk through the exit area back into the secure area of the major airport without being detected? >> hopefully we'll have an answer to that question soon. thank you very much, ron. and a florida man accused of brutally murdering members of his own family including a child is now behind bars. paul merhige faces four counts of murder for the death of his
11:10 am
twin sister, a 6-year-old cousin and 79-year-old aunt. this happening on thanksgiving night. he was on the run until saturday. right now he is being held without bond. nbc affiliate wptv in west palm beach, how were they able to finally catch up with him? he's been on the run since thanksgiving. >> reporter: it was "america's most wanted." the hotel clerk realized that the man who had been staying there mysteriously, 160 miles south, tamron, of where the murders took place, recognized him, called the authorities, within a half hour or so u.s. customs, fbi and law enforcement were breaking down the door, tasering him and taking him back up to face charges. it was "america's most wanted." >> that show is incredibly successful and i think they're counting this successful. do we know any more regarding welcome back. we are learning new details
11:11 am
the accusations, the possible motive for the brutal murders, tim? >> reporter: longtime resentment of his family is apparently it. he was a kid who went to a very good prep school, a very good athlete. his family is somewhat prominent. he had two beautiful sisters who he murdered that night, twin sisters, as well as the 6-year-old daughter of one of our photojournalists. it all happened on a thanksgiving evening after the dinner, quite by surprise. he had been troubled for a long time but was invited to the party. motive, who knows? about the deaths of seven cia officers killed in a suicide blast at a foreign operating base in afghanistan last week. it now appears the bomber was a double al qaeda agent, trusted informant who turned on the cia. jim maceda is live in kabul. richard engel was also reporting on this all morning long, that this man, a jordanian, was believed to be working for the cia but all along was working probably went way, way back. >> an unbelievable story. thank you very much for the latest on that manhunt that has now ended with that gentleman behind bars. thank you. and now the secret service is leading an investigation into an effigy president obama found hanging from a building in georgia. the doll, you see it there, was found in plains, georgia, the hometown of former president jimmy carter. witnesses say that hanging doll had a sign with the president's name above it. for al qaeda. >> right. it does sound like a spy novel but does look like it could very well be true, at least according to the western officials, that richard engel was quoting. as you say, for most of the day. again, that the bomber was, in fact, a double agent, jordanian, working for jordanian intelligence and working for al qaeda at the same time. apparently, according to these officials, he was lured -- or he managed to lure the cia into believing that he had very
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and temperatures are downright cold across the nation as many americans are really feeling the winter wake-up call today. some people in maine actually using the chill to their advantage. look at that, skiers hit the slopes which got eight inches of fresh powder. three teenagers in michigan actually trying to do a little duck hunting but ended up stranded on a detroit river after the boat got stuck on ice. we have video of that. we'll show that to you. and in minnesota the cold may be at its worst. the temperatures yesterday were below zero. the wind chill made it feel even important information about the cia's number two, ayman al zawihiri based on trips he made to afghanistan and pakistan over the course of the last few months. according, again, to these officials, he was invited by his jordanian handler to come into that base where this -- where the bombing took place, meeting up with the cia team in charge of zawihiri and several of these individuals had to fly from worse. the weather channel is live in minneapolis, minnesota, and i heard our colleague bill karins this morning ask the question, how does anyone live in that state? it is a beautiful state, got wonderful lakes, but this time of the year, you have to ask that question. it's rough. >> reporter: it is rough, tamron. there's no doubt about it. i mean, we are used to this here in minnesota but this will put even the most loyal minnesotan to the test. first a christmas blizzard that kabul. when he walked into that meeting, he blew himself up and we now know he killed seven, including the station chief down in khost. amazing story if it turns out to be true. no reason to believe it isn't. although there has been two or three other interpretations. tamron? >> thank you for the latest there in kabul. >> reporter: you bet. that does it for me, tamron hall. norah o'donnell picks up our coverage from here. she'll have the latest on the
11:13 am
dumped lots of snow on minnesota and the upper midwest. now these bone chilling temperatures, 30 below in much of the state. in international falls the self-described ice box of the nation, minus 37 over the weekend, breaking a 30-year record. here it is not quite that cold. it is not breaking a record. but it is about ten degrees colder than normal and this is something that is not just affecting the upper midwest but, in fact, the entire country. even florida has experienced cold weather under a freeze breaking development out of las vegas, nevada. these are live pictures, where two federal agents have been shot near the courthouse. one report said in the lobby of the courthouse in downtown las vegas. the suspect is said to have been apprehended. we're working to get more details on it. stay with us. you're watching msnbc. hey! warning now because of temperatures in the 30s there. so we are expecting this will last several more days and may get even colder later in the week. the bad news is this is not over. >> it's not. and we kind of chuckle through the cold but it can be serious. there were some teenagers in michigan trying to do duck hunting and ended up stranded. i think we have that video of them stranded on a detroit river after their boat got stuck in the ice. anything about that you can tell announcer: you don't drive every time you smoke. yet you smoke every time you drive. driving and smoking don't have to go together. re-learn life without cigarettes, free, at a new way to think about quitting. ♪ each day is too much ♪ you can never, never, never get enough ♪ [ female announcer ] our bodies need water...
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us about? >> reporter: serious situations are always a possibility in cold water like this. frostbite is something everyone needs to be aware of and you are aware of it when you come out in weather like this. you can put on the warmest clothes you have and step out and feel the cold and feel it go right through you. we've heard reports of frostbite. we've also heard reports of people being injured with snowblowers and shoveling accidents, that kind of thing. so certainly there are some concerns when the weather gets and women who drink crystal light drink 20% more of it. ♪ crystal light.... water your body. like this. >> hopefully we'll see the deep thaw very soon there. thank you, janel. and coming up, will embattled wizards all starge gilbert aren face jail time? people were asking what was he thinking? tiger woods' wife spotted hitting the slopes in the french alps but more than a month after the sex scandal broke people are still looking for tiger and why is elton john lending a helping hand to m&m?
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massachusetts senator john kerry is having hip replacement surgery today. he successfully had his right hip replaced in august. now today his left hip. sthor kerry chose to have the operation now so he can be back on his feet for the senate session later this month. and an update on one of america's top olympic hopefuls in snowboard iing. kevin pearce is still in intensive care at a utah hospital after an accident last thursday. his parents say they are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support from all over the world. pearce suffered a severe brain injury during a training practice when he attempted a half pipe. he had a helmet on but landed on
11:19 am
his head. he was a favorite to make the team. gilbert arenas' professional and legal future is in jeopardy today after arenas admitted that he exercised, quote, bad judgment in bringing three unlopeded weapons into the washington wizards verizon center nearly two weeks ago. one of the stars of the wizards franchise is scheduled to meet with law enforcement officials after allegedly pulling a gun on a fellow teammate. cnbc's darren ravell, this started out as gossip, a tabloid story and then when arenas admitted that he actually had guns on the premise, it went from fiction to at least some fact there. >> reporter: right. we're not sure about the pulling part but we know that he appare apparently did lay down three guns in front of teammate javaris crittenton and said with a note on it, pick one, referring to crittenton joking to him before that he would shoot him. i mean obviously there's a lot of questions here that are going to have to be answered today and
11:20 am
one of them is were the guns registered in the state of virginia, somewhere else, or in washington, d.c.? that's what it will come down to from a criminal standpoint. the nba has rules about not having guns in the work place. so he could be suspended no matter what. we know that one of the league's most marketable stars, gilbert arenas is certainly in trouble right now. tamron? >> has the nba had any official word, darren? now you have gilbert on record saying that he had the guns present. >> reporter: i think the nba has said so far that they're going to wait to see what happens with the legal process. obviously that starts today with him talking to the authorities but this is very, very interesting. he's been tweeting away, which has surprised a lot of people, kind of joking a little bit, making it as if it is still a joke. obviously with guns involved it is not. >> i think he tweeted that he's the new john wayne he said tongue-in-cheek. did he ever say or explain why
11:21 am
he would even have guns there? >> reporter: no, that hasn't been out yet for sure. all he has done is admitted that there were guns there and, you know, we're just going to have to see where this takes us. but obviously this is a pretty big deal. the nba has had image problems before. they're going to take it seriously. the authorities are going to take it seriously. one, the guns weren't loaded. that certainly helps. two, they'll have to find out registration. people might remember plaxico burress in the state of new york where he really had to get a mandatory sentence. it's a little bit less clear here in washington, d.c., but he'll be penalized in some way, you've got to think, by the that i anyway. >> it's a strange story to say the least. darren rovell, thanks. at this hour the u.s., frie french and british embassies in yemen are closed because of threats from al qaeda in that region. and british prime minister gordon brown is beefening up his nation's security, ordering
11:22 am
those controversial full body scanners to be used at british airports. >> we will do everything in our power to tighten up on the security that is essential. we recognize there are new forms of weapon being used by al qaeda so we have to respond accordingly. >> stephanie gosk is live in london. i have to ask you, how close is the prime minister working with representatives of the white house in coordinating the security effort? >> well, they're working very closely. i was just on the phone with the spokesman for downing street who said that throughout the day there is back and forth communication. she wouldn't say whether the prime minister had spoken directly with the president but, you know, tamron, this gives you an idea of the urgency in this country to get up to speed with security. these body scanners were at heathrow being tested for a period of time. they were put on hold because there were human rights groups that said this was a violation of privacy and they were waiting
11:23 am
for the eu to decide whether or not they should be used in all european countries. instead now the british government coming out independently and saying we are going to use them. they have four of them. and they should be up and running as soon as possible. they're also beefing up other aspects of security particularly at heathrow, sniffer dogs that will be used. those bag checks that sometimes happen to people when they check for chemicals to see if there are any explosives on hand luggage will be happening with greater regularity and today in a statement from the british airport authority, they are going to increase profiling. the statement said the following. tamron? >> and let me ask you about this over the weekend from the prime minister that he and president
11:24 am
obama had agreed on a jointly funded counterterrorism police unit in yemen. what can you tell us about that? >> reporter: well, it turns out that there's a bit of a political battle going on right now in the uk over the wording of this statement. it seemed when it was released that this was actually something that had been decided upon after the failed christmas day attack but rather this was part of an ongoing process before christmas to focus on the growing problem of al qaeda in the arabian peninsula. as you know the united states and the uk have worked very closely in the war on terror. yemen is no exception to that. they are going to have or they may already have -- they won't be specific about it -- this counterterrorism police force. they also say that they're going to help yemen with its coast guard and the funding on the ground there. tamron? >> stephanie goss being, thank you very much, live in london for us. coming up, four weeks after vanishing, family and friends of a missing utah mom, susan
11:25 am
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police in tennessee say a man who decided to steal some dollar bills and loose change the hard way. he drove up to a coke machine outside a dollar store, hooked it up to the back of his truck and then took off. you see the video there. it's unbelievable. the suspect led police on a five-mile chase, sparks and all. police say they were forced to taser that man when they finally were able to take him into custody. maybe he didn't think anyone would notice. it's a case of tattooing too early. a couple in georgia arrested for giving their six children homemade tattoos. the couple's children are between the ages of 10 and 17. the kids told police they wanted the permanent images to be like their tattooed mom and dad.
11:29 am
georgia law prohibits tattooing by anyone who is not a licensed professional. and the search for missing utah mother susan powell is now heading into cyberspace. friends and family of the 28-year-old mother of two are launching a 72-hour social media blitz to gather more information that could hopefully lead to her safe return. powell disappeared nearly a month ago. nbc's miguel almaguera has the latest on the certificasearch l the headquarters of this media blitz. miguel, tell us more about how they're planning to handle this. >> reporter: tamron, what they're trying to do is put an all-out blitz, go to facebook, myspace, twitter and youtube to kind of get susan's picture, her face and story out there. earlier on the "today" show one of susan's really good friends spoke about the importance of this push. >> we are asking everybody to send an e-mail to five friends and ask them to forward it to five of their friends so that the e-mail can spread all across
11:30 am
the country. we're also asking people to spread it on twitter, on facebook, on youtube, on the blogs, podcasts, everything any way possible. >> reporter: tamron, you'll recall that susan powell went missing four weeks ago today and the concern from her family is that her story and her case is losing some importance in this community, so they're trying to repush the story out there, make sure people are very aware this missing mom, this young, vibrant woman, the mother of two young kids, is still missing. they're trying to make this push very public. >> any update on her husband, josh powell? he had been called a person of interest. any update on whether he plans to talk to authorities anymore? >> reporter: we know it's still in washington state. charles cox, susan powell's father, spoke to him and saup the kids on christmas day. we know he's in washington state. some of the powells' friends say josh actually plans to return here to west valley city, to gather up his belongings and pack everything in his home and move with his kids permanently
11:31 am
up to washington state. we've talked to police about that. they said they have heard those rumors, those reports and say he's free to do what he likes although he remains a person of interest in the case. >> we'll see how this media blitz works in hopes of getting some information on that mom. all right, miguel. thank you very much. and we are learning today more about a very personal collaboration of sorts between elton squjohn and rapper m&m. he says he's helped eminem fight drug problems. he had a problem with prescription drugs and now elton john says that the rapper is doing well. elton john is also a recovering drug user and has said he's helped other music stars in the past in addition to helping eminem. a family has an angel to thank for saving their 7-year-old son from a cougar attack. a dog named angel, the golden retriever, sprang right into
11:32 am
action when she saw a cougar charging at 11-year-old austin. he was in his family's backyard getting firewood when the cougar came charging out of the bushes right after him. >> and angel came running as fast as she can and jumped over the lawn mower here. she jumped there up over the lawn mower and as she landed here the cougar had come from somewhere over here and jumped inside underneath there. >> austin was able to get inside at that point and his family called the police. the dog, angel, stayed outside and fought with that cougar. they say for 15 minutes. police were able to shoot and kill the cougar. angel, by the way, is on the mend and probably one lucky dog getting steaks and a lot of hugs for that one. coming up, why is al qaeda so attracted to setting up operation in yemen? we're following the latest as the u.s., british and french embassies all remain closed
11:33 am
today. plus, we are live in dubai for the official opening of the world's tallest building. it's 160 floors but the exact height they've not released that. a closer look at this modern marvel straight ahead. erywhere . it's the most complete relief you can get in a liquid gel, so you feel better, fast. alka-seltzer plus liquid gels. if you choose a sauce so based only on the label, you might be missing something. with prego, it's all about the sauce. in a blind taste test, more people preferred prego over bertolli. the sweet and savory taste of prego. it's in there. are more than words here. it's personal. i have diabetes. rodney's kid too. so we're so proud to manufacture... the accu-chek aviva meters and test strips... here in the u.s.a. plus, we've proven you'll waste 50% fewer strips... when you use our meter, which means greater savings...
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take a look at this. dubai is putting aside its mass i have credit crunch. they are celebrating as it opens the world's tallest building and more than 2,600 feet the skyscraper known as dubai tower sets a record with an observation deck on the 124th floor, if you have the stomach for that one. guy johnson has some of the festivities. quite a sight behind you. give us a play-by-play on what's happening now, guy. >> reporter: it's an incredible scene here in dubai. dubai doesn't have it in its dna
11:37 am
to do anything small scale. 828 meters is the confirmed height and it has been one big fireworks display over the last few minutes. they've lit the building up. they're really telling the world that they are still here. they are still in the game. despite the economic crisis that this city has experienced over the last few weeks they are determined to push along but, i tell you what, the most significant event of the evening was due to be called the burj dubai, but they've named it after the ruler of the capital because they have come to the rescue of dubai over the last few weeks after providing it with a huge financial bailout. but 828 meters tall. that is a new world record for a man made structure. back to you. >> it is an incredible sight to see, guy. enjoy the festivities. i know we will be talking much more about this dubai tower and
11:38 am
the competition always continuing too much the tallest building. thank you very much. well, two al qaeda members are dead after a raid on militants outside of yemen's capital. officials say it happened today as the militants were moving through a mountainous area. the clash has come as france joins the united states and britain closing their embassies, citing the threat of an al qaeda attack. joining us now richard engel and terrorism analyst. thank you for joining us. let's talk about this attack, these two members of al qaeda and what we know about what went into this. >> well, they weren't senior members of al qaeda but supposedly yemen has been doing its utmost to crack down on the cells there not just the cells there but in major yemenese cities, where they can launch an attack from particularly aimed at a u.s. or british embassy. that's the concern right now. the concern is that in retaliation for the air strikes that took place the last couple of weeks that al qaeda will seek to use individuals in major
11:39 am
cities to carry out attacks targeting embassies, military bases, even vessels -- naval mess ls in the persian gulf. >> i went online and for the last several days -- the christmas attack, the botched attack -- over the weekend so many websites dedicated to understanding yemen, why is it so attractive and for some, though, this doesn't come as a surprise. >> for militants. >> for militants of course. the "uss cole" he was attacked, they knew it was the front for al qaeda. >> it's been a problem for a long time in that a lot of parts of yemen are very rugged, they are controlled by tribes that don't listen to the central government. there are a lot of weapons in yemen. probably the most important thing to understand there are three automatic weapons for every person. and it's a country of about 25 million. so the government can't extend its reach -- >> hang on for a second. the president is landing right
11:40 am
now. he has a big meeting on tuesday trying to figure out what happened on christmas day, how that explosive was able to make it onto the plane. thankfully was not ignited to the point where he was able to blow out that plane as al qaeda apparently had planned. over the weekend the president said al qaeda was behind it. >> there was an intelligence failure, a breakdown. there were a lot of pieces of information about the nigerian would-be bomber, partial name had been uncovered, a lot of database. >> his father. the name, his father turned him in. >> if you look in the arabian peninsula themselves, their interest in carrying out this kind of attack over the last six or seven months -- >> with this kind of explosive. >> we've seen video coming out where they're showing putting bombs inside picture frames,
11:41 am
inside cassette tape decks. they're showing interest in concealing explosives even inside of people with the idea that this can get past borders, past airline security. they have demonstrated a repeated interest in exactly this kind of bomb development. >> small, little attacks hard to trace, hard to stop. that's been their signature. >> either of you can answer it, some are say that go shows at least the security measures that have been put in place do work and they don't have the ability to carry out something as significant as 9/11 but it's horrifying. >> this one is the local specialty. if you have a deli, that's what they do. >> there are hundreds of members of al qaeda in yemen. >> 200, 300. >> i think so. >> there are other groups that have different specialties and the leadership which would be the one around bin laden, et
11:42 am
cetera, they by all accounts are still plotting eight different kind of massive attacks. >> and as the president lands and we watch him get on marine one here, this meeting on tuesday, what are you looking for out of it and these changes that were to take place after midnight, countries that support terrorism now will be patted down and sent through full body scanners. is that enough? >> i think this is the wrong mentality. i don't think the kind of screening is bad per se but the real way to stop is identify them as individuals not deemed from particular countries. nigeria, there's millions of people who live in nigeria. we can't presume all of them are extremists. the trick is you need names and individuals. >> the government in yemen -- >> they have names but we just didn't know anything about it. i've spoken to people in yemen who said if you told us the u.s. government had his name and told us this person was of interest, we would have detained him.
11:43 am
he had a valid u.s. visa. it's more information management than patting down every single passenger. >> and also moving it ahead, the support and confidence in the government in yemen and do we have that. i know we have the support but are they so ragtag and so separate -- >> that's a tougher question. >> we're trying to build it up. general petraeus was there trying to double aid, trying to help them build a new paramilitary police force, trying to give them some more capacity. >> but are they the same as the pakistanis in that we give them money and support and don't see the results they need. that's a tough question. >> thank you very much. always great reporting. great information coming from both of you. again, you're looking at live pictures of the president back on the ground if washington, d.c., ahead of a big meeting tomorrow. we perhaps will learn more details about what went wrong, why weren't the pieces connected resulting in that botched attack on the u.s. airliner on christmas day. ♪ love stinks! ♪ yeah! yeah! ♪ love stinks
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